• Lamborghini Miura SVR Jota

    Lamborghini Miura SVR Jota


    The Miura SVR is the rarest Miura and the closest one to the legendary Jota. The Jota was developed by Lamborghini’s test driver at the time, Bob Wallace, but due to a crash the car was lost and never rebuilt. Many Miura owners wanted their cars to get the Jota treatment for improved performance and […]
  • Our Top 3 Highest Auction Sales

    Our Top 3 Highest Auction Sales


    BH Auction started its activities in 2017 and has been organizing and running auctions in collaboration with world-renowned circuits and events such as Suzuka Circuit and Tokyo Auto Salon, as well as other unique and attractive original auctions.   We have been working diligently to establish an auction culture in Japan that is comparable to […]
  • What is a “Kyusha” ?

    What is a “Kyusha” ?


    Kyusha (旧車)   In Europe and the United States, where automobile culture has a long history, distinctions between “old cars” have been established in each country. For example, in the United States, cars manufactured up to 1930 are called antique cars, those manufactured up to 1960 are called classic cars, and those manufactured after that […]

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