Collection Car Auction – 19

Collection Car Auction – 19


Collection Car Auction – No.19 will be taking place from Monday 24th to Sunday the 30th of July.

These auctions are in collaboration with ヤフオク (pronounced “Yahoo Oku”), a popular online auction platform in Japan which is operated by Yahoo! Japan. 


This auction consists of 23 quirky classic cars, 20 of them being JDM cars. Additionally, 6 desirable Japanese sport bikes and 19 scooters/mopeds considered to be “Japanese Vespas” will be available. Most lots will start at ¥10,000 JPY ($70 USD) with no reserve.

Collection Car Auction - Lot 2 Honda City (E-AA)

Lot 2 Honda City (E-AA)

Collection Car Auction - Lot 19 1995 Daihatsu Charade De Tomaso (E-G201S)

Lot 19 1995 Daihatsu Charade De Tomaso (E-G201S)

Collection Car Auction - Lot 102 1986 Yamaha RZV500R

Lot 102 1986 Yamaha RZV500R


Collection Car Auction - Lot 125 Mitsubishi Silver Pigeon C140

Lot 125 Mitsubishi Silver Pigeon C140


To see all lots please visit

To follow the auction please visit here (Japanese text only)

While Japanese residents have the opportunity for direct bidding, individuals outside Japan can actively participate by utilizing proxy bidding, allowing us to place bids on behalf of potential buyers abroad. We require those interested to fill in a form with their desired maximum bid, details and signature. 


If interested please email to receive the form.

An alternative way to participate is by using Buyee, a proxy bidding service provider that allows non-residents to personally bid on auctions on Yahoo! Japan. To access this service, you must complete the registration process and undergo user identity verification.


If interested please visit to learn more about the process.

*Buyee will publish the auction specific page once the auction has started.