Bugatti’s New Presence in Japan, BINGO SPORTS

Bugatti’s New Presence in Japan, BINGO SPORTS

Press Release

BINGO SPORTS (corporate name: Efujey Co., Ltd.,  President: Shinji Takei) is proud to present our new dealer partnership with Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S.. 


BINGO SPORTS currently represents a number of other hypercar brands in Japan and has strived to develop a true hypercar appreciation and culture in Japan. Bugatti is an incredible addition which we look forward to elevating throughout Japan.


The first Bugatti showroom in the Kansai region is planned to open in Autumn of 2025 in one of Japan’s most prestigious locations. The immersive space with an interior and exterior design will fully embody the Bugatti worldview and will bring cutting-edge technology and innovative design to a new market. 


Bugatti’s newest model to succeed the Chiron will be the first model that BINGO SPORTS will distribute in Japan. The launch of this new model is eagerly anticipated following the launch of the incredibly successful Mistral in August 2022.


Shinji Takei, CEO of BINGO SPORTS says, “It has not always been smooth sailing for Bugatti over the past 100 years, however, every time a new model is released, Bugatti impresses and captivates car enthusiasts with their design, quality, and vision. I believe Bugatti is truly a unique brand that embodies traditional and cutting edge ideals. Bugatti’s collaboration with Mate Rimac, a young genius and a pioneer in the EV industry, will undoubtedly result in the creation of a crowning jewel of a car. Working with this new era of Bugatti is a very rewarding experience, I am very proud to be working with Mate Rimac again, in continuation of our partnership with RIMAC.”.


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Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. is a French high-performance luxury automobile manufacturer, known for producing some of the world’s fastest and most exclusive cars. Founded in 1909 by Ettore Bugatti, the brand has a storied history of creating automotive masterpieces that seamlessly blend art and engineering.