1996 Datsun 240Z “Vintage Z”

Vintage Z

The Datsun 240Z, is a sports car that was produced by Nissan from 1969 to 1978. The 240Z was an instant hit and became a classic, thanks to its stylish design, affordable price, and excellent performance. The car is powered by a 2.4-litre inline 6-cylinder engine, capable of producing 151 hp. The 240Z has smooth and nimble handling, which made it popular among car enthusiasts and racing drivers. Despite its age, the 240Z is still considered a desirable car by many people and remains a popular choice for car collectors and vintage car events.

The 240Z is a true icon of automotive history and is considered one of the best sports cars of its era.

This particular example is a “Vintage Z”. In the mid-nineties, long after production of the 240Z had stopped, Nissan USA restored a number of examples from the ground-up to resell to enthusiasts. They bought cars in the second hand market and essentially completely refurbished these cars to like-new condition. This meant buyers in the 90s were buying factory-fresh 70s cars with a few changes to modernise the car and meet regulations.

VIN: HLS30-56609

Year/Make/Model: 240Z


  • Dsc00157
  • Dsc00159
  • Dsc00166
  • Dsc00176
  • Dsc00149
  • Dsc00152
  • Dsc00155
  • Dsc00161
  • Dsc00162
  • Dsc00163
  • Dsc00165
  • Dsc00178
  • Dsc00179
  • Dsc00181
  • Dsc00185
  • Dsc00186
  • Dsc00187
  • Dsc00188
  • Dsc00189
  • Dsc00190
  • Dsc00191
  • Dsc00193
  • Dsc00194
  • Dsc00197
  • Dsc00199
  • Dsc00203


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