2020 McLaren Senna LM

Named after the legendary F1 driver, Ayrton Senna, the McLaren Senna was launched as McLaren’s flagship, part of the ‘McLaren Ultimate Series’ and limited to 500 units. The McLaren Senna LM was based on this already special car and was given even more performance by MSO (McLaren Special Operations) with the track in mind. The 4-litre twin-turbo V8 engine produces 825hp, which is 25hp more than the standard Senna, and the use of gloss carbon from the front spoiler to the side sills further reduces weight. Only 20 units were ever produced.

This example is one of only three right-hand drive cars out of the 20 made and is an eye-catching McLaren Orange reminiscent of the legendary McLaren F1 LM. This is a car with immense potential which is thanks to all the McLaren technology that has been developed through priceless experiences in racing at different tracks around the world. The previous owner, who has driven a number of McLarens at Fuji Speedway, stated that the Senna LM’s aerodynamics provide great stability and the downforce from the swan neck active rear wing was especially effective. The odometer of this car shows 500km (numbers may increase due to logistic handling, etc.) and both the exterior and interior are in excellent condition.

VIN: SBM15ACC5KW082526

Mileage: 500 kilometers


  •  Dsc6634 Copy
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