2015 Honda RC213V-S (Carbon)

The Honda RC213V-S is a hand-built motorcycle which was developed by HRC (Honda Racing Corporation) to give customers the closest experience to a MotoGP bike possible on the road. Power comes from a 999cc V4 engine which produces up to 215hp. HRC focused on lightness which resulted in a dry weight of just 170kg (160kg with the race exhaust). This particular bike is number 89 of a very limited production run and is finished in exposed carbon fibre.

As expected from a MotoGP-spec bike it has the best components from the most prominent companies, suspension from Öhlins, brakes from Brembo, wheels from Marchesini Racing, etc. It uses a variety of exotic materials for weight-saving, accompanying the aluminium frame and carbon fibre fairing are magnesium wheels and titanium fasteners and race exhaust.

While in road-spec, power is limited but by installing the race kit which includes the race exhaust and recalibrated ECU, the full potential of the bike is unlocked and the rider can enjoy near-MotoGP levels of performance.


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  • Z9a 014 Copy
  • Z9a 024 Copy
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  • Z9a 021 Copy
  • Z9a 088 Copy
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