2009 Lamborghini Gallardo Super Trofeo

  • Lamborghini one-make series race car
  • Promotional show car
  • Watch-maker Blancpain livery


Super Trofeo is Lamborghini’s one-make race series which they created intending to make the fastest one-make race series in the world. It started with the Gallardo and just 34 units were produced.

The engine is the well-known 90-degree 5-litre V10 with 570 hp. As a race car, it has a full roll cage, the interior was stripped and carbon fibre was used extensively for weight reduction which resulted in an overall weight of 1300 kg. It also received aero upgrades over the road-going Gallardo such as front canards and a rear diffuser.

The series began in May 2009 at Silverstone with the main sponsor being Blancpain, a luxury Swiss watchmaker. Races in other famous circuits such as Spa Francorchamps and Monza followed.

This example is a special within the 34 produced as it was never raced and was used as a promotional show car. It has kept the original official Blancpain livery and has remained in essentially new condition. While some servicing would be required to run the car, just the thought of hearing the engine in this Super Trofeo race car is enough for any collector’s heart to beat faster.

VIN: ZHWGE54T69LA08613

Year/Make/Model: 2009 Gallardo Super Trofeo

Exterior Color: White


  •  Dsc7622
  •  Dsc7626
  •  Dsc7623
  •  Dsc7627
  •  Dsc7629
  •  Dsc7631
  •  Dsc7663
  •  Dsc7670
  •  Dsc7697
  •  Dsc7708
  •  Dsc7747
  •  Dsc7758
  •  Dsc7768


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