1999 Lamborghini Diablo GTR

18 of 30

Number 18 of 30 of the race car version of the Diablo GT, made for Lamborghini’s one make series. Compared to the Diablo GT, power was increased by 15hp to 590hp at 7300rpm and torque was also increased, by 10Nm to 640Nm at 5500rpm.

The Diablo GTR had a lot of spare parts that were supplied along with the production of the car, and it is said that there are several “GTR spec” cars that use those parts in addition to the official 30 cars. However this example has an official numbering plate that proves this car was the 18th of 30 produced at the Lamborghini factory. This car has been carefully kept in its original state and is in excellent condition both inside and out. The Alcantara on the dashboard and steering wheel have not deteriorated in any noticeable way, making this a highly valuable car from a preservation point of view.


Mileage: 6761 kilometers

Year/Make/Model: 1999 Diablo GTR

Exterior Color: Yellow


  •  Dsc7863
  •  Dsc7859
  •  Dsc7860
  •  Dsc7862
  •  Dsc7865
  • Copy Of Dsc7864
  • Copy Of Dsc7866
  • Copy Of Dsc7862
  • Copy Of Dsc7865


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