1994 Ferrari F40 LM

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Racing activity with the F40 started under the leadership of Charles Pozzi SA, a Ferrari importer in France who was established in the racing industry. Back then, the Ferrari Factory racing division was focused on Formula One so Michelotto in Padova, Italy was assigned to develop a machine because they already had experience creating the 288GTO Evoluzione. Of course, Ferrari provided a big support for development of the power train.

The “LM” of F40LM come from “Le Mans”, based on the 60s legend, the 250LM. The F40LM is a racing car, weighing 50kg less than the F40, coming in at just 1,050kg and boasting over 700bhp, compared to 478bhp of the base F40.

The BINGO Collection F40LM (Chassis #99401) was the last produced by the factory. It underwent a comprehensive restoration by Michelotto between 2013-14 with bodywork carried out by Carrozzeria Nuova Rinascente (formerly Carrozzeria Cognolato) who had worked on the vehicle when it was first being produced. Full restoration records are provided and the car appears as new.

The car is already registered in Japan, ready to experience the legendary drive on the streets of Tokyo.

VIN: ZFFGX34X000099401

Mileage: 3000 kilometers

Exterior Color: Rosso Corsa


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