1988 Chevrolet Callaway Corvette Twin Turbo Convertible

#20 0f 125

Callaway is a well established brand that modifies and also races Corvettes. Perhaps the most famous Callaway models are the C5-based C12 and the C4-based ‘Sledgehammer’, which broke the top speed record by reaching 254.76 mph on October 26, 1988. A convertible sibling was also made, called the Callaway Corvette Twin-Turbo Convertible. The exterior design of the Twin-Turbo Convertible features the AeroBody Package, designed by Paul Deutschman, the same package used on the Sledgehammer. This package improved the car’s aerodynamics and engine cooling system by revamping the airflow management, which allowed the car to comfortably reach 200 mph.


From 1987 to 1991, the Twin-Turbo Convertible was an official GM option from Callaway, which could be implemented by Chevrolet dealers in North America. Based on the C4 Corvette, it was the the only model with a twin-turbo, the option code was RPO B2K. The 5.7-litre twin turbo L98 V8 engine was mated to a 4+3 “Doug Nash” manual gearbox. This transmission is essentially a 4-speed manual with a push-button overdrive in the top three gears.

This example is #20 of the 125, finished in Bright Red and a black leather interior. This particular example remained in the care of its original owner until 2020. Throughout the years, it has accumulated just 10,340 miles on the odometer and has been kept in excellent condition both inside and out. The car also includes an owner’s manual and other valuable accessories. It is a unique opportunity for Corvette and Callaway enthusiasts to own a piece of history of the American icon.


VIN: 1G1YY318XJ5102534

Year/Make/Model: Callaway Corvette

Exterior Color: Red


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