1984 Suzuki RGB500-III

This motorcycle is an RGB500-III, a production racer originally from the UK, with works parts obtained through the owner’s connections.


The distinctive Suzuki factory colours were repainted by the owner himself.

The front forks are magnesium 41φ made by SHOWA for the Suzuki works team. According to the owner, this is the last one in existence.


The front forks have been kept lifted without compression.

Magnesium has the disadvantage of being prone to corrosion, but this part has no corrosion and it remains in very clean condition.

This is probably because the owner made sure to regularly lubricate it, including the engine.


Both front and rear wheels are 16 inches, sizing that was only available on works bikes.

The shifter has also been replaced with a works magnesium one.

The callipers are also made of magnesium and designed for 16-inch wheels.  

The callipers are combined with lightened 310φ rotors.

The rear brakes are ventilated as standard, but have been replaced with stainless steel works rotors and two-pot magnesium callipers.

The front and rear master cylinders are made of aluminium in the standard version, but the works master cylinders are made of magnesium. According to the owner, this is a rare item that will be almost impossible to get in the future.


The ANDF (Anti-Nose Dive Fork) is the final model (85-87) version.

The rear shock is for a works XR45, and the foot pegs have been changed to a works resin one.


The engine is a standard RGB500 engine, but the carburettor has been changed to a works XR45 one. (The engine number is not visible because it is covered by the anti-corrosion coating) 

The owner says that the engine was last started 10 years ago, but the engine has compression, so starting the engine should not be a problem. Currently, the oil has been drained.

As for the fuel tank, it has never been filled with gasoline since it was assembled and remains in mint condition.


The SUZUKI RGB500-III is a fantastic race bike that has not been well documented, it’s seen in magazines or other types of media, this particular example in original condition, just the fact that it exists like this today makes it an extremely valuable motorcycle.


  • Stem: Suzuki works, upper magnesium, lower aluminium (205mm pitch)
  • Front forks: Suzuki works, magnesium machined ANDF (Anti Nose Dive Fork), (41mm Showa, late model Anti Nose Dive Fork)
  • Front brake master cylinder: Suzuki works, magnesium
  • Front callipers: Suzuki works, magnesium (opposing 2POT TOKICO callipers)
  • Front disc rotor: Suzuki works, 310mm (drilled stainless steel disc)
  • Front wheel: Suzuki works, magnesium
  • Rear callipers: Suzuki works, magnesium (opposing 2POT TOKICO callipers)
  • Rear disc rotor: Suzuki works, 220 mm (drilled stainless steel disc)
  • Rear wheel: Campagnolo Suzuki works (4.50/16″) for XR45
  • Rear shock: Suzuki works, machined (Kayaba) for XR45
  • Kill switch: Suzuki works, resin
  • Foot pegs: Suzuki works, resin
  • Foot peg plate: Suzuki works, machined, for XR45
  • Shifter: Suzuki works, magnesium, for XR45
  • Clutch lever: Suzuki works, for XR45
  • Front and rear jacks included (front and rear stands)
  • Missing parts: None in particular
  • Customs clearance certificate included


  • Rgb 500 Ⅲ 2 Copy
  • Rgb 500 Ⅲ 3 Copy
  • Rgb 500 Ⅲ 4 Copy
  • Rgb 500 Ⅲ 5 Copy
  • Rgb 500 Ⅲ 6 Copy
  • Rgb 500 Ⅲ 7 Copy
  • Rgb 500 Ⅲ 1 Copy
  • Rgb 500 Ⅲ 9 Copy
  • Rgb 500 Ⅲ 22 Copy
  • Rgb 500 Ⅲ 15 Copy
  • Rgb 500 Ⅲ 11 Copy


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