1984 Ferrari 288 GTO Evoluzione

The BINGO Collection Ferrari 288 GTO Evoluzione (#70167) was the first to be produced and the only one powered by the CR engine. This means the car was tested on public roads and is the only street-legal of the five 288 GTO Evoluziones.

This example was part of the Pierre Bardinon Collection, famed for its world-class Ferrari’s, then joined the Art Sports Collection before coming to Japan. Once it made its way to the BINGO Collection, it was sent back to Michelotto where it underwent a meticulous nut-and-bolt restoration to like-new condition. No one but Michelotto could have carried out such a perfect restoration.

The 288 GTO was originally created for Group B racing and ultimately evolved into the F40, the 288 GTO Evoluzione played a crucial link between the two. In the early 80’s, Ferrari was in desperate need for a new high-performance model to replace the current lineup (including 308s and Berlinetta Boxers) which was falling behind the rivals in performance. The project, led by Nicola Materazzi, to develop a new hyper car would eventually result in the introduction of the 288 GTO. In 1984, the same year the Michelotto’s 308GT/M debuted, the Ferrari 288 GTO was premiered worldwide. Ferrari built 272 examples in 2 years even though the 288 GTO was no longer able to compete in the Group B category.  Ferrari decided to develop the GTO Evoluzione after it found out the F114B unit had a lot of room left for improvement in order to create a more extreme sibling.

Since there still was a slim possibility left for the GTO to be able to compete in races at the time of development in 1986, the Evoluzione was to be a joint project between Ferrari factory and Michelotto, who was recognised as a semi-factory Ferrari team. Materazzi, who was in charge of developing the GTO, was again named the chief engineer by Enzo Ferrari for the creation of the Evo. and came up with two variations of prototype power plants by exploiting the performance envelope of the F114B. The milder of the two was the F114CR which produced “modest” 530ps and eventually powered the F40 in a few years. On the other hand, the F114CR2(CK) was more drastically upgraded to produce 650ps and found its place in the engine compartment of the F40 Competizione.

The significance of the 288GTO and F40 in Ferrari history will never be surpassed. The GTO is the final and complete form of “Fioravanti Ferrari” that concluded the era of old-fashioned supercars starting in the 70’s while the F40 kicked off the new age of super sports that still remains mainstream today. Widely recognized as the link between the two, this epoch-making 288GTO Evoluzione will certainly have its place in Ferrari history.

Ferrari ended up producing five examples of this highly sought-after prototype.

VIN: 70167

Year/Make/Model: 288 GTO Evoluzione

Exterior Color: Rosso Corsa


  • Mas 7001
  • Mas 6970
  • Mas 6980
  • Mas 6990
  • Mas 7028
  • Mas 6972
  • Mas 7011
  • Masp3931
  • Masp3747
  • Masp3758
  • Masp3768
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  • Masp3944


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