1983 Suzuki RGB500-II

This is a works spec RGB500-II, assembled using an imported RGB500-II frame and parts sourced from all over the world.

It remains in the factory colours, while the frame was powder coated with Nishimura Coat.

In addition to being stored in an air-conditioned room, the motorcycle was kept in very good condition with routine lubrication. According to the owner, it probably has the best condition iron tube frame in existence.


The front forks are machined from magnesium and are 40φ Kayaba forks.

It has works brake discs front and rear with magnesium callipers.

The stem is a works part, with the top made of magnesium and the bottom made of aluminium.


The bolts used on the body are genuine aluminium bolts for Suzuki’s racer bikes and the rest of the bolts are Suzuki works titanium bolts.


The engine is a complete engine used at the time by the Kashima Racing team in Ibaraki Prefecture. Although the engine was confirmed to start before being mounted in the frame, it has not been started since the body was assembled. According to the owner, the engine is ready to run as soon as it’s filled with gasoline.

As for the fuel tank, it has never been filled yet and it has maintained its shine.


While the RGA500/RGB500 production racers are priced at around 6-8 million yen overseas, this RGB500-II is a custom vehicle that uses several Suzuki works parts. This is a motorcycle that should go to someone who can really appreciate its value.

  • Stem: Suzuki works, upper magnesium, lower aluminium (190mm pitch)
  • Front forks: Suzuki Works, machined magnesium ANDF (Anti Nose Dive Fork), (40mm Kayaba, early version of anti-nose dive)
  • Front brake master cylinder: Suzuki works, magnesium
  • Front callipers: Suzuki works, magnesium (opposing 2POT TOKICO callipers)
  • Front disc rotor: Suzuki works, 310mm (drilled stainless steel disc)
  • Front wheel: Campagnolo Suzuki works wheel (2.75/18″) for XR35/40 model
  • Rear brake master cylinder: Suzuki works, Magnesium
  • Rear callipers: Suzuki works, magnesium (opposing 2POT TOKICO callipers)
  • Rear disc rotor: Suzuki works, 230 mm (ventilated cast iron disc)
  • Rear wheel: Campagnolo Suzuki works wheel (4.50/18″) for XR35/40 model
  • Kill switch: Suzuki works, resin
  • Exterior: Stock colour
  • Tank: Genuine aluminium tank (new and unused)
  • Front and rear jacks included (front and rear stands)
  • Missing parts: None in particular (about 80% of parts are new)


  • Rgb 500 Ⅱ 2 Copy
  • Rgb 500 Ⅱ 3 Copy
  • Rgb 500 Ⅱ 4 Copy
  • Rgb 500 Ⅱ 5 Copy
  • Rgb 500 Ⅱ 6 Copy
  • Rgb 500 Ⅱ 7 Copy
  • Rgb 500 Ⅱ 8 Copy
  • Rgb 500 Ⅱ 1 Copy
  • Rgb 500 Ⅱ 9 Copy
  • Rgb 500 Ⅱ 18 Copy
  • Rgb 500 Ⅱ 17 Copy
  • Rgb 500 Ⅱ 26 Copy
  • Rgb 500 Ⅱ 14 Copy


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