1981 Ferrari 512 BB

The BB 512 was the successor of the 365 GT4 BB, and is part of the “Berlinetta Boxer” series. While they are known as “Boxers”, the 4.9-litre engine is not a traditional boxer as the pistons do not move in opposite directions so they flat-12/180° V12.

This series of Ferraris marked a radical change for Ferrari as their 12-cylinder flagship changed from a front to a mid-engine layout, this continued with the Testarossa and Ferrari only reverted to the front-engine layout with the 550 Maranello in 1996.

The BB 512 was then replaced with the BB 512i which introduced fuel injection, while this improved fuel emissions and drivability, many prefer the carburettor BB 512 for it’s more raw experience.

VIN: BB36865

Mileage: 21,452 kilometers

Exterior Color: Rosso Corsa


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