1969 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona Competizione Conversion

“Competizione” conversion by Carrozzeria Auto Sport

  • Converted by Carrozzeria Auto Sport, now known as Bacchelli & Villa
  • Developed for Group 4 racing
  • Based on Ferrari’s front-engine V12 GT


The Ferrari 365 GTB/4 was launched at the 1968 Paris Motor Show. The car was unofficially known as the “Daytona,” after Ferrari’s astonishing 1-2-3 finish at the 1967 24 Hours of Daytona. As was tradition for Ferrari, the Daytona has a V12 in the front and is rear-driven. What makes the Daytona special is its elegant fastback styling with a long bonnet. This Daytona was converted to a “Competizione” spec, which provides the car with more of a race car feel. 


The Ferrari models which immediately succeeded the Daytona tested out a mid-engine layout, with the 365 GT4 BB and Testarossa, before Ferrari returned to the traditional front-mounted V12 with the 550 Maranello. It has maintained the front-mount set up to this day with the 812 Superfast and 812 Competizione. 


This particular example of the Daytona is chassis “13459,” which has 18,150km on the odometer. This car has undergone a “Competizione” conversion by Carrozzeria Auto Sport (now known as Bacchelli & Villa). Based in Modena, they famously worked on the fiberglass-bodied Ferrari 512 BB LM race cars. One of the founders, Franco Bacchelli, began working on cars at just 14 years old, when he became an employee for Piero Drogo, a Ferrari racing driver and coachbuilder.


Among the modifications include the beautifully-sculpted wheel arches that are significantly wider than standard to accommodate wider wheels and tyres. Other changes in this conversion are the special headlights, front spoiler, air intakes and a roll cage.

VIN: 13459


  • 101a3269
  • 101a3190
  • 101a3187
  • 101a3188
  • 101a3189
  • 1 101a3276
  • 101a3198
  • 101a3206
  • 1 101a3286


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