1968 Honda S800M Coupe

Rare LHD Model

This is a rare left-hand drive Honda S800 M Coupé, originally delivered to Honda Belgium.

Originally the Honda S800 M was produced for export and was only sold in Japan as a roadster. This car has been restored in Japan, but both the exterior and interior remain fully original, the wheels are RSC replicas. It’s a fantastic example that doesn’t look like it’s over 50 years old.

The S800 was part of the Honda’s “S” series, these cars marked the beginning of Honda as a global car manufacturer as previously they only made motorcycles. From the S360, which attracted worldwide attention, to the S500 and S600, which were the first models to be sold in volume, the S800 was the completion of the S series.

The concept was the same as its predecessors, but with improvements such as an increase of displacement to 791cc. The liquid-cooled 4-cylinder DOHC engine produces 70hp with top speed being 160kph, at the time its performance was among the best of any small sports car in the world.

VIN: AS800C-1004244

Year/Make/Model: S800M Coupe

Exterior Color: Grey


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