1965 Porsche 356 SC Coupe

The Porsche 356 was Porsche’s first production automobile, launched in 1948 with production continuing until April 1965. The earliest 356 prototypes were made with aluminium bodies, but in 1950, production was changed to steel bodies. Porsche contracted Reutter to build the steel bodies, eventually buying Reutter’s car body factory in 1963. Reutter retained their seat manufacturing division and changed their name to Recaro. 


Soon after the 356 was first registered on June 8th, 1948, it took part in a race in Innsbruck, Austria, where it won its class. Over the years, Porsche honed the model, creating four distinct series; the “pre-A” original, 356 A, 356 B, and 356 C. One particularly notable 356 C Cabriolet is the former daily driver of Rock & Roll icon Janis Joplin, which sold in 2015 for $1.76million at RM Sothebys. 


This 1965 365 SC Coupe won the Manhattan Trophy in 1988, an award bestowed upon the best car in the concours field during the Porsche Parade, considered the highest honour of the Porsche Club of America. This example is finished in a rare Black on Black combination. The SC denotes the use of Porsche’s most powerful pushrod 1600cc engine. The car has been expertly restored and remains a prime example of the latest iteration of the 356. 


  • Dsc05092
  • Dsc05098
  • Dsc05105
  • Dsc05114
  • Dsc05131
  • Dsc05138
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  • Dsc05156


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