1964 Jaguar E-Type Roadster Vicarage

The Jaguar Vicarage E-Type Roadster is a restomod version of the E-Type created by Vicarage, a Jaguar specialist based in the UK renowned for restoring and modernising Jaguars, such as the Mk 2 Saloon and the E-Type. 


Vicarage is known as one of the “Three Houses of Jaguar Restorations”, the other two being Beacham in the UK, and Heritage in New Zealand. The popularity of  Vicarage in Japan is evident as the Vicarage Jaguar Mark II saloon is a favourite of the late Tokudaiji Aritsune, a renowned Japanese automotive journalist.


The original engine of the E-Type was replaced with a 4.2-litre Vicarage GTJ engine derived from the XJ6 Series III that produces 205 horsepower. The transmission was also replaced from the original 4-speed manual to a 5-speed manual transmission. 


Along with the improved engine and transmission, several enhancements were made to the car, including ventilated disc brakes on all four wheels and tuned suspension. Despite sporting classic-looking spoke wheels, the rim width was widened to accommodate high-grip tyres.


This Vicarage E-Type Roadster is based on the 1964 E-Type 4.2 Roadster (Series I), chassis #1E10029. It was fully restored by Vicarage in 1990, and features a purple-red metallic exterior, complemented by a beige leather interior.


Mr. Hajime Tanaka, the owner of TI Aida Circuit (now known as Okayama International Circuit), was the first owner, commemorated by an engraved plate inside. It was first registered in Japan in July 1990, and has accumulated only 11,200 km on the odometer after the restomod process.


Under the current owner, who is one of Japan’s leading collectors and a classic car builder, every part has been further refined and modified. As a result, this Vicarage E-Type is in pristine condition, and offers a comfortable ride.


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