1964 Honda S600

Meticulously Restored

This is an S600 that has been rebuilt, both body and ladder frame, to bring it back to the condition it was in its early days. It is in excellent condition, although the top does show some of its age. The pleasant sound of the DOHC 4-cylinder engine at high revs is a reminder that Honda was and still is a world-class engine manufacturer. The interior has been reupholstered in red, which contrasts beautifully with the dark blue exterior. The steering wheel and gear stick are original, and the radial tyres of the period also add to the uniqueness of this car.

The S500 was Honda’s memorable first production car, and took the world by storm with its performance. In 1964, a year after its launch, the company immediately set about updating it and the result was the S600. Their new car took the predecessor’s high performance and helped Honda’s name become more well known in the 4-wheeled world. The biggest change was to the engine, engine displacement was increased to 606cc to overcome the previous generation’s lack of torque at low revs. The result was 57hp at an astonishing 94hp per litre. It reached a top speed of 145kph, a number comparable to that of a sports car with twice the displacement.

It’s beautifully styled body is of course one of the factors that make it a classic. The long bonnet gave it a typical sports car look and it only weighed 695 kg which meant that it was both attractive to look at and fun to drive.

VIN: AS285-1000125

Year/Make/Model: S600

Exterior Color: Dark Blue


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