1934 SS Jaguar 1.5 Litre Sports Special Roadster

This is a one-off build of the SS90 Prototype using an SS2 Saloon body 1.5-litre. SS Cars was a British manufacturer which would eventually become Jaguar and the SS90 was their sports car developed for racing. Only 23 were made but just 1 prototype was developed and this car replicates the beauty of that car.


The wheelbase was shortened by approximately 12 inches (about 25cm) and the aluminium body features the distinct flowing curves which integrate the spare wheel in the rear. The interior is also in a matching green colour and the 4 gauges, which seem to be restored original ones, complete the elegant but racy look. 


According to its records this build took place in the 70s and in the 90s a major restoration was carried out with particular attention on the pistons and cylinders, it also received SU twin carbs. In January of 2013 it was once again restored, it took about a year to complete and was performed by British Classic Cars in Germany. 


The odometer reads 491 miles however the actual total mileage is not known. The engine starts with no issues and while it has passed through a number of owners, its beauty has been preserved and it’s ready to be appreciated by its next owner.


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