1927 Hudson Super Six

The second-generation Hudson Super Six was introduced in 1927 with a lower stance and a completely redesigned engine. It was built during the dawn of motorization in America, when cars started being mass-produced and became more accessible for the American population. 


For the second-generation Hudson Super Six, the F-head engine increased from four-cylinder to a higher-revving inline-six with increased output, which at that time was leaps ahead of the industry standard.


This generation Super Six was in production until 1929, with the third-generation only being introduced in 1933. 


This particular Super Six features dark red finish on the exterior, with its roofless body being made from steel. The car’s narrow tires were fitted with 10-spoke wooden wheels. Its spare tire is attached on the front right and is covered with synthetic leather.


On the inside, you will be able to spot a number of unique mechanisms that have gone extinct today. For example, the turn-signal can be found inside a tube positioned right by the windshield. Though the indicator stalk is attached to the steering column as found in today’s cars, a blade-shaped light sticks out of the tube and flashes once the signal is turned on.


Another unique aspect of a 1920s car like the Super Six is the starting procedure of the engine. The driver has to step on the starter clutch pedal to turn the key on, and the engine fires once the 2-inch-long lever pointing to the left on the steering wheel is twisted. 


When it comes to the interior, this Super Six has a beautifully-engraved center console, along with a 12V battery located underneath the driver’s seat, which has a cut-off switch to prevent depletion. The clutch, brake, and acceleration pedals are arranged the same way as they are with the modern cars, which makes it very straightforward to the owner. 


This car has been under the same ownership for a very long time. In the past, this Super Six was being loaned for police parade runs, and even made a 2-month-long trip from Hokkaido to Kyushu. 


It has been through a series of major services before it became part of BINGO, several pages of maintenance documents are included with the car. Among the parts being replaced during its servicing period were the spark plugs and distributors which means the engine starts up just fine, considering the fact that this is almost a 100-year old car.  The car also received a new set of brake hoses for safety reasons.

Year/Make/Model: Super Six

Exterior Color: Red


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