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The Enzo was a car made to showcase Ferrari’s technological capabilities which followed the legendary F50. Like its predecessor, F1 technology was applied to create an extreme performance car.
While Ferrari continued using a naturally aspirated V12, a new 6-litre engine was developed but more importantly, it was mated to six-speed automated manual, an F1 style gearbox with paddles behind the steering wheel. Once again the body was designed by Pininfarina and an extensive amount of carbon fibre was used. Downforce was generated by the car’s underbody with active aero and a large diffuser. It became Ferrari’s fastest road car ever and to stop it ceramic brake discs were used, still a new technology at the time.
The Enzo is one of Ferrari’s greatest halo models, it pushed the limits of technology and the product was an extraordinary supercar which was thus named after the company’s founder.