Privacy policy


Efujey CO.LTD (referred to 'We') may use personal information in order to improve the quality of our service and product in the process of providing them to the customers.
We fully understand the importance of protecting personal information, and believe that without it, it will be impossible to provide the best products and service based on the communication with the customers.
We have set the basic boundary lines to protect the customers' personal information as our private policy guide, and would like to receive customers' understanding by showing the policies here.

1. About Personal Information

The customers' personal information is defined as information that is related, and can specify specific customers.
Information that can result in specifying customers with other information is also classified as personal information.
Questionnaires with names or various files necessary for buying procedures are considered as indirect personal information.

2. About Collecting Personal Information

We announce the purpose for collecting customer personal information on our pamphlets and homepage. In the case of having customers writing down their personal information directly, we make clear the purpose of collecting at the place.
There will be no usage of information beyond the purpose that we notified, and customers have the right to reject giving out any information.


We receive customers' personal information through the SSL system to ensure the security of privacy.

3. Use of Customer Information

Customer information collected will only be used for the following purposes.
(1) Periodic checks, automobile inspections & expiry of policy, and providing other products and service from our company.
(2) Informing customers by sending e-mails or other printed commercial materials.
(3) Questionnaires to investigate the satisfactory of customers and new product development.
Customers have the right to reject the information and questionnaires as listed above. (Please inform us by using "7. The Customer Service Hot Line")

4. Providing Customer Information to a Third Party

We do not provide customer information to third parties with the exception of the following situations.
(1) When customers permit.
(2) Law-related regulations.
(3) When considered necessary for the benefit of customers or publicity.
However, there is also the exception of providing necessary information to our business tie-ups and trustees for outsourcing.

5. The Structure of Protecting Personal Information

We provide a "Protect the Personal Information Promotion Committee" for the whole company to protect the customers' personal information. We elect the person in charge of personal information protection from the committee, and maintain the system by thoroughly protecting the information in all departments, educate all staffs, and receive feedbacks from the customers.

6. Security

We understand fully that personal information is information we keep for customers' purpose, the importance of its security, and promise to manage them appropriately.

7. Questions from Customers

Customers have the right to ask us to open their own personal information, and as a result, may ask us to revise the information if necessary.
We also receive all kinds of questions, consultations, and complaints about personal information at anytime, and will respond with appropriateness. We also have a consulting window for all kinds of questions, complaints, inquiries, and revision of personal information.
Consulting Window for Personal Information :TEL: +81-3-5511-7722

8. Obeying Law Regulations and Improvements

We obey honestly to all regulations and other standards related to protecting all personal information.
We revise the company privacy policy frequently for better improvement in handling and managing personal information at all times.